• Interior valve bodies as well as the stem and ball are individually lined with PFA or PVDF/FEP
  • Ball is fully encapsulated in PFA/FEP. Ceramic Balls are also available which are interchangeable
  • Anti-blow out stem assembly for preventing stem blow out even when top gear is disassembled
  • Short pattern face to face dimension in accordance with ANSI B16.10 and ANSI B 16.5, 150 lbs.(flange dimension) – facilitating replacement of fully lined or sleeved plug valves with Horizon lined ball valves without altering existing pipework
  • Valves supplied with anti-static devices for protection against potentially dangerous electrostatic discharge
  • Free floating Ball Valve Principle ensures the ball seals against the downstream seat ring giving a positive sealing force even when line pressure is low
  • All inherent design features of a conventional ball valve such as low torque, quarter-turn operation, bubble tight shut off and a minimum pressure drop
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