Globe Valves are Outside Screw, Rising Stem, Bolted Bonnet Construction, threads are away from the line fluid and easy to lubricate. Globe Valve Manufacturer are generally available with Plug Type Disc, which is designed to give leak tight seating over a long period of in built wear life. Globe valves body seat ring is shoulder type, threaded body seat ring which has large taper area that is for ample seating. Two slots are provided on body seat ring, which is for easy removal for servicing at site.  Designed for least possible obstruction to free flow by providing curvature turns in the body thereby minimizing stresses & turbulence. The plug & seat-ring are machined and lapped very precisely to get a very tight sealing when valve is closed. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and, durability.


  • Stem nut uses aluminum bronze material. Large valve is provided with thrust bearing to make it opened easily and flexibly.
  • Two-piece design of packing gland to avoid stem clogging caused by squishing.
  • Packing uses flexible graphite for dependable sealing performance. If requested by users, packing spacer ring and greasing mechanism can be available.
  • Back seal design to ensure dependable packing and sealing when valve is fully opened. (Replacement of packing under pressure is not recommended).
  • Lift stem, with a piece of hard stainless steel inlaid between stem head and disc to avoid deformation caused by extrusion, and corrosion leading to inflexibility of disc action
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